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Our Dream - A New Workshop & Sustainable Craft Centre

At Life Beads Kenya we're growing - fantastic news and we're all so happy about that. But, as with any organisation, this growth has an accompanying challenge and it's time we think about our next step.

At present, our Workshop is based in the home of Dr Peter & Minalyn Nicklin, which is also where the Medical Clinic is based, albeit in a separate building.

As the family children grown up and our ambitions grow, it's perhaps time that we separate the Workshop from the Home and move it to an independent, sustainable site - here in Naivasha, Kenya.

Needed: A Project Manager

We've found a few plots that would be perfect, but we're only just staring out on our journey to make this dream a reality. Money is of course a start, but we're so busy we really need some help. We need a volunteer project manager - whether that is a single person or perhaps a couple looking to make a difference in Africa.

We believe that this project would be a brilliant adventure for any person or couple looking to spend a few years in Africa, living and working with people who show such ambition and desire to really make a difference - not just to them, but their wider families.

The Financials

We've only just started our investigation, but we estimate that the purchase of a local plot will be anywhere from KSh 600,000 to KSh 2 Million - that's $6,600 (£4,000) to $22,000 (£14,000). Whilst a fantastic start, the land is only just the beginning. On top of that there are the inevitable legal fees, registrations and other, unknown costs that soon weave their way out of the woodwork.

A smaller plot is of course more affordable, but a bigger plot would mean making the workshop more of a centre - where we'd be able to offer accommodation, in addition to land for cultivation so we can grow our own crops.

We'd also have to factor in the on-going costs - electricity, water, food supplies in addition to the financial contributions that we give our hard working trainees.

We're trying to put together a 5 year plan; a sustainable, manageable and profitable plan so that we use all the money wisely - fully aware of the broader picture. We want to increase our production, but we also have to be realistic.

So here's a rough idea of our projected costs:

Item Monthy Cost (KSh) Annual Cost (KSh) One-off Cost (KSh) 5 Year Total (KSh) USD($) GBP(£)
Purchase of Land     2,000,000 2,000,000 $22,222 £13,986
Additional Fees, Legal Work & Registration     500,000 500,000 $5,556 £3,497
Building & Construction     1,500,000 1,500,000 $16,667 £10,490
New Workshop Total       4,000,000 $44,444 £27,972
Purchase of Consumables (Beads, Materials etc) 40,000 480,000   2,400,000 $26,667 £16,783
Equipment 10,000 120,000   600,000 $6,667 £4,196
Trainee Allowance 90,000 1,080,000   5,400,000 $60,000 £37,762
Food 18,000 216,000   1,080,000 $12,000 £7,552
Electricity 10,000 120,000   600,000 $6,667 £4,196
Medial Assistance 3,000 36,000   180,000 $2,000 £1,259
Transport 3,200 38,400   192,000 $2,133 £1,343
Office Supplies 2,000 24,000   120,000 $1,333 £839
Cleaning & Hygiene 1,000 12,000   60,000 $667 £420
Administrative & Contingency 5,000 60,000   300,000 $3,333 £2,098
Ongoing Costs Total 182,200 2,186,400   10,932,000 $121,467 £76,448
Totals       14,932,000 $165,911 £104,420
Number of Trainees 15  

This is, of course, just the costs. We generate income from the sale of our craft, but we really hope to increase this with our new website. We also rely on donations in addition to essential funding and support from Dr Peter's Medical Practice.

So this is our dream; we hope we've given you enough information to see what's involved and where we'd like to get to. Please do visit our Volunteer page to learn a bit more about us and what we're able to offer you.

If you'd like to be involved in our adventure, to benefit and experience what it's like to live and work in Africa - in addition to changing the lives of many hard working locals, then do get in touch; we'd genuinely, love to hear from you.

Life Beads Kenya, 2022

Greetings from Naivasha :)